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    Intensely flavoured fruits ripened by long, dry summers.

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Pure Marlborough



This may well be the brightest, crispest, most vibrant Sauvignon Blanc you’ll ever drink. Of course we’d say this, but it’s no accident. The place we grow our wine gets more bright sunshine by day and more crisp, cold weather by night than any other parcel of land in Marlborough. These two extremes create a microclimate that translates into the perfect gift to Sauvignon Blanc. The vibrant flavour in the glass is a pure reflection of this uncanny weather. Sometimes an astute winemaker‘s job is to let nature do the talking and listen carefully.
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The freedom to be individual

A land like no other

Winemaking on the edge

A breath of fresh air

Sunshine in a bottle

From great challanges come great rewards



Ask our winemakers and they’ll tell you that, without a doubt, Pinot Noir is the most temperamental grape on the planet. It is certainly the one that most keeps them awake at night. The truth is, Pinot is uncompromising – demanding, keeps us on our toes and isn’t prone to making anything easy. But the results are definitively worth it.


We believe in the freedom that being an individual brings – free from the expectations, the politics, the conventions, the habits, the rules. This belief serves us well in crafting our wines.  


As if New Zealand wasn’t already on the edge of the earth, wait until you’ve made the journey to Wairau Valley, Marlborough.  At 41.51S 174.01E, we’re literally on the edge of the world.  Wedged between rugged mountains on both sides and with two icy rivers cutting a track through, it’s an extreme place.  This valley is the definition of raw, untamed, cool climate.

To say this presents challenges is an understatement. But digging deep and working in harmony with the environment builds strong character – and strong character makes great wines.

In fact, our winemaking and viticulture teams wouldn’t have it any other way.  They live to embrace challenge – creating intensely flavoured wines that amplify Marlborough’s remarkable natural story. These strikingly different, complex wines illustrate our ‘Ara’ or path on the edge of the world.