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Looking after
our world.

The land will look after us if we look after the land. Simple as that. So we take care to keep our environmental footprint as small as possible. Here are some of the steps we’ve taken to minimise environmental footprint.

Certified Sustainable Winegrowing

All winegrowing activities at Ara are certified to be fully sustainable. We belong to Sustainable Winegrowing NZ, an initiative of the NZ Winegrowers Association, and we follow strict management principles to protect the environment. Methods and systems are revised regularly, so that we can continuously improve environmental performance.


From 2016 vintage Ara have composted 100% of the winery waste (skins, seeds and MOG). This will be applied to Ara’s vineyards before the 2017 harvest to enhance organic matter levels. For those who love numbers, it was 4,000 cubic meters of waste that converted into 8,000 cubic meters of compost.


Protect Water

Ara has invested a significant amount in its Marlborough winery to establish onsite water treatment. Now all the run-off water used in production is treated, recycled and reused ensuring none of this precious resource, vital to winemaking, is wasted


Other Commitments

Using organic fertilisers on all their vineyards; Carefully considering sustainability when purchasing plant and machinery; Increasing their use of organic and/or natural formulations to managing vine health and soils in all their vineyards; Continually monitoring waste with the aim of waste reduction, reuse and recycling; Actively seeking possibilities to increase efficiency, particularly in water, fuel and electricity usage.