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Wines produced
in the heart
of Marlborough.

Ara's wines are new, but our roots run deep. The fusion of old and new is a recurring theme with us. We grow wine in a young vineyard on ancient land, combine advanced ideas with time-honoured traditions, respect the past but are inspired by a sustainable vision of the future. You’ll see this old and new balance in everything we do.

Mount ARA

Mount Ara is the local name for the vantage point above our vineyard. From here, there are sweeping views across the single estate, down the Wairau valley and ultimately to the Richmond Ranges.

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Single Vineyard & Wairau Valley

The Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Gris are sourced exclusively from our Ara Single Vineyard in the revered Wairau Valley.

The Pinot Noir comes from a range of our premium vineyards across the same Wairau Valley, delivering style and capturing the essence of the Valley in every bottle.

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Herringbone Hills

The Herringbone hills lie to the west of the vineyard and run parallel to the Waihopai River in Marlborough, New Zealand’s most respected wine region.

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The Waihopai Pass

 Ara is a single estate with wine that reflects the purity of the place it comes from.  The Waihopai Pass from Ara, takes its name from a rugged mountain pass visible from Ara’s singles estate vineyard

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The name Bankhouse dates back to the early 1840's and was a pioneering sheep station. Today, it is home to our vineyard which lies near the confluence of the Wairau & Waihopai Rivers in Marlborough.

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